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The first game, Bloons Super Monkey, was released on Ninja Kiwi's website in February 2010. In May 2013, a sequel, Bloons Super Monkey 2, was released on the same website. In November 2016, a refined version of Bloons Super Monkey 2 was released on the iOS App Store for download. Automatically pops the first non-MOAB Bloon that escapes during a game and triggers a free monkey boost!

Hedges in BTD6 is often considered to be the hardest Beginner map. The Bloons travel up and down multiply twisty paths, most being blocked by hedges. You can't place towers like Druids and Wizards inside the innermost bends, and the line of sight blockers are very intrusive . The Tack Shooter's Blade Maelstrom ability does this by spinning around and spraying sawblades everywhere. In the sixth game, it can be upgraded into a Super Maelstrom that keeps firing for much longer. Additionally, its bottom-path upgrades easily fall into this; Overdrive already shoots incredibly fast, while The Tack Zone creates a huge storm of tacks near itself that covers a massive radius.

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The fifth game doubles the number of upgrades, arranging them into two upgrade paths for each tower. The sixth game has three upgrade paths for each tower, and adds fifth tier upgrades, for a total of 15 upgrades per tower. In BTD6, the Apache Dartship ended up having its price increased in order to stop players from using it to solo Deflation mode on most visit the following website maps. At one time, it costed $19,500 (Deflation only gives you $20,000 period); however, with discounts from bottom path Villages, it was still barely affordable. The very next update increased its cost to $19,600, just enough to make it too expensive for Deflation, but not enough to hinder any strategy in other modes. The middle circle is surrounded by expensive-to-remove walls and a moat that hinder all other towers from reaching inside.

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Probably, the track Castle is harder than this due to farther apart tracks that never meet until the very end. There is water on the top-right corner that has duckies on it. With 4 entrances and exits , this may causes us confusion as the bloons go up in the circle and go into the exit. It loops around the circle only one time so be prepared. There is water in the form of a pond near the bottom-left corner.

  • The proprietary version of BTD5 was released on iOS worldwide on November 15, 2012 for iPhones and iPods with improved graphics and additional upgrades, tracks, towers, and bloon types.
  • Experienced players face something of a challenge on this difficulty, while less experienced players will have to be Determinators to beat it.
  • Chutes in BTD6 despite being an Intermediate map is often considered more difficult than some Advanced maps.
  • City Cash is stolen is based on the level of the city's Monkey Banks.For level 1, it's 50% of its capacity .
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The IDs of these tracks correspond to some of the tracks in Bloon Dunes, a second city found only in the Adobe Flash version. You're forced to defend not one, but TWO paths that meander away from each other! In addition, no glue, spike factories or super monkeys, like all the other Desert maps. The bloons come out of two curls and then march out on a straightforward path to the exit. ABSOLUTELY FORGET about defending anywhere near the curls. Anti-Camo Dust, an ability that removes camo properties from bloons, has become an expression for intense dislike in the Ninja Kiwi community.

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